VEBSAJT KOJI PRODAJE NE UJEDA | Danijel Milošević | Kako napisati dobar i kvalitetan sadržaj za sajt

Kako napisati dobar i kvalitetan sadržaj za sajt? Gost današnje podkast epizode je Danijel Milošević, autor LinkedIn stranice Demotivacija.


🧔 Sagovornik: Marko Pajić
👨 Video produkcija: Aleksandar Sretković


📯 Danijel Milošević biografija sa LinkedIn stranice:

„Struggling to make your product or e-course sound bodacious, fresh, smart… instead of boooring and too technical and vague to your prospects?

Just how many times have you thought about avoiding corporate lingo and being more human in communication with clients… but don’t know how to remain “cutting edge, actionable, on the same page” in their minds?

Every time you bring up your promo materials, there’s yawning in the room.
You might be even thinking „no one’s gonna read this anyway, why bother“

You try to polish your website. And then you pray it works.

If it doesn’t, you don’t know why, so you can’t stop the leaks.
Even worse, if it does, you still don’t know why, so you can’t repeat it.


What if I tell you that…

There’s a way to“

Ceo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFdRtttIatU

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